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1 October 2017

Iain R. Learmonth: Free Software Efforts (2017W39)

Here s my weekly report for week 39 of 2017. In this week I have travelled to Berlin and caught up on some podcasts in doing so. I ve also had some trouble with the RSS feeds on my blog but hopefully this is all fixed now. Thanks to Martin Milbret I now have a replacement for my dead workstation, an HP Z600, and there will be a blog post about this new set up to come next week. Thanks also to S lvan and a number of others that made donations towards getting me up and running again. A breakdown of the donations and expenses can be found at the end of this post.

Debian Two of my packages measurement-kit from OONI and python-azure-devtools used to build the Azure Python SDK (packaged as python-azure) have been accepted by ftp-master into Debian s unstable suite. I have also sponsored uploads for comptext, comptty, fllog, flnet and gnustep-make. I had previously encouraged Eric Heintzmann to become a DM and I have given him DM upload privileges for the gnustep-make package as he has shown to care for the GNUstep packages well. Bugs closed (fixed/wontfix): #8751251, #8751261, #861753, #873083

Tor Project My Tor Project contributions this week were primarily attending the Tor Metrics meeting which I have reported on in a separate blog post.

Sustainability I believe it is important to be clear not only about the work I have already completed but also about the sustainability of this work into the future. I plan to include a short report on the current sustainability of my work in each weekly report. The replacement workstation arrived on Friday and is now up and running. In total I received 308.73 in donations and spent 36.89 on video adapters and 141.94 on replacement hard drives for my NAS (which includes my local Debian mirror and backups). For the Tor Metrics meeting in Berlin, Tor Project paid my flights and accommodation and I paid only for ground transport and food myself. The total cost for ground transport during the trip was 45.92 (taxi to airport, 1 Tageskarte) and total cost for food was 23.46. The current funds I have available for equipment, travel and other free software expenses is now 60.52. I do not believe that any hardware I rely on is looking at imminent failure.

  1. Fixed by a sponsored upload, not by my changes [return]

3 November 2016

Bits from Debian: New Debian Developers and Maintainers (September and October 2016)

The following contributors got their Debian Developer accounts in the last two months: The following contributors were added as Debian Maintainers in the last two months: Congratulations!