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01 December 2012

Raphaël Hertzog: My Free Software Activities in November 2012

This is my monthly summary of my free software related activities. If you re among the people who made a donation to support my work (692.20 , thanks everybody!), then you can learn how I spent your money. Otherwise it s just an interesting status update on my various projects. Misc packaging I updated the publican package (a tool for publishing material authored in DocBook XML) with version 3.0, a major new upstream version. As with any important update, it had its share of problems and I created two patches that I sent upstream. I uploaded the package to experimental since we re in freeze. The Debian Administrator s Handbook Since the translation teams have been working for a few months, I wanted to put the result of their work online. I did it and I blogged about it on By the way, we have a Polish translation that just started. This took quite some time because many translators were not well versed with Docbook XML and its structure. So I fixed their mistakes and asked the Weblate developer (Michal Cihar) to implement new checks to avoid those basic XML mistakes. I also added a couple of build scripts to the git repository to make it easier to rebuild translations in multiple formats. I used this opportunity to file a couple of bugs I encountered with Publican (concerning ePub output mainly, and custom brands). I also blogged about our plans to update the book for Wheezy. Roland started to work on it but I did not have the time yet. Debian France The officers (president, treasurer, secretary) have just changed and we had to organize the transition. As the new president, I got administrator access on our Gandi virtual machine ( as well as access to our bank account. I got also got a bunch of administrative papers retracing the history of the association. Carl Chenet (the former president) gave them to me during the mini-debconf that was organized in Paris. Indeed, Sylvestre Ledru and Mehdi Dogguy organized our second mini-debconf Paris and they did it very well. It was a great success with over 100 attendants each of the 2 days it lasted (November 24-25th). Carl managed a merchandising booth that was well stuffed (Luca Capello also brought goodies of I gave small lightning talk to present the ideas behind my Librement project (it s about funding free software developers). BTW I have not been very good at it, it was only my second lightning talk and I have been a bit too verbose. The talk did not fit in my 5 minutes time slot ;-) Back from the mini-debconf, I have been trying to delegate some projects (like get a real website, improve the work-flow of members management, update our server which was still running Lenny). Julien Cristau was willing to upgrade the server did not exactly knew how to upgrade the kernel (it s a bit special since Gandi manages the kernel on the Xen hypervisor side). So I took care of this part and also did some cleanup (adding a backup with its associated remote disk, tweaking the email configuration). And Julien completed the upgrade on November 30th. Alexandre Delano volunteered to have a try at the website and Emmanuel Bouthenot has been looking a bit to see if there was something better than Galette to handle our members. It looks like we ll stay with Galette but have to take care of upgrading it to a newer version. I also processed the first membership applications and organized a vote to extend the board of administrators (since we have two vacant seats). On Monday, we should be back to 9 administrators. Librement Except for the talk during the mini-debconf, I did not do much on this project. That said I got an answer from the Autorit de Contr le Prudentiel saying that I might be eligible for the exemption case (see discussion of last month) and that I should fill out a form to get a confirmation. I also contacted who might be able to provide the services I need (their E-money manager product in particular). They have the required accreditation as a banking/credit institution and are willing to partner with enterprises who setup platforms where you must manage flows of money between several parties. I m now waiting for details such as the cost of their various services. I expect to have much more to show next month I m working with two developers to implement the first building blocks of all this. Thanks See you next month for a new summary of my activities.

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07 September 2011

Emmanuel Bouthenot: Sympa in Squeeze Backports

For those interested in Sympa, version 6.1.4 has been uploaded to squeeze-backports. This version fixes around two dozen bugs since the version present in squeeze (6.0.1). I strongly recommend to use this version with squeeze as it fixes some very annoying bugs. How to install it: For squeeze users Be sure to have squeeze-backports repository enabled in your sources.list as explained on Debian Backports website then:
apt-get -t squeeze-backports install sympa
For lenny users For lenny users with a running sympa installation who plan to upgrade to squeeze and use sympa from squeeze-backports, it is recommended to upgrade directly from the version 5.3.4 (lenny's version) to 6.1.4. To do so, you just need to add some apt pinning in /etc/apt/preferences (see below) and then dist-ugprade normally.
Package: sympa
Pin: version 6.1.4*
Pin-Priority: 500
Sympa 6.1.6 is already out and should be uploaded in unstable soon, it should also be backported to squeeze-backports if all goes fine. Special thanks to Gerfried (rhonda) and Alexander (formorer) for their work on Debian Backports.

31 December 2009

Debian News: New Debian Developers (December 2009)

The following developers got their Debian accounts in the last month: Congratulations!

16 March 2008

Cyril Brulebois: Getting things done

emacs-goodies-el pkg-games pkg-phototools Misc. Of course, that's just an excerpt of the actual todo-list

06 February 2007

Julien Danjou: DeFuBu contest #7

Bug Welcome to this 7th issue of the DeFuBu contest, the monthly championship of the funniest bug reported to the Debian BTS. The challengers How the vote has been done Four Debian related people voted for these bugs, Emmanuel Bouthenot, Mohammed Adn ne Trojette, Julien Louis and Jade Alglave. Full ranking Bugs Challengers The winners Notes To participate, simply drop me an email with a bug number. About DeFuBu