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13 August 2017

Mike Gabriel: @DebConf17: Work for Debian and FLOSS I got done during DebCamp and DebConf... and Beyond...

People I Met and will Remember Topics I have worked on Talks and BoFs Packages Uploaded to Debian unstable Packages Uploaded to Debian NEW I also looked into lightdm-webkit2-greeter, but upstream is in the middle of a transition from Gtk3 to Qt5, so this has been suspended for now. Packages Uploaded to oldstable-/stable-proposed-updates or -security Other Package related Stuff Thanks to Everyone Making This Event Possible A big thanks to everyone who made it possible for me to attend this event!!!

25 June 2012

Robert Collins: Running juju against a private openstack instance.

My laptop has somewhat less than 1/2 the grunt of my desktop at home, but I prefer to work on it as I can go sit in the sun etc, very hard to do that with a mini tower case :) However, running everything through ssh to another machine makes editing and iterating more clumsy; I need to do agent forwarding etc not terribly hard, but not free either, particularly when I travel, I need to remember to sync my source trees back to my laptop. So I prefer to live on my laptop and use my desktop for compute power. I had a couple of Juju charms I wanted to investigate, but I needed enough compute power to make my laptop really quite warm so I thought, its time to update my local cloud provider from Eucalyptus to Openstack. This was easy enough, until I came to run Juju. Turns out that Juju s commands really want to talk to the public DNS name of the instance (in order to SSH tunnel a connection to Zookeeper). But! Openstack returns DNS names like Server-3 , and if you think about a home network, its fairly rare to have a local DNS server *anyway*, so putting a suffix on names like that won t help at all: you either need to use a DNS naming provider (openstack ships with an LDAP provider, which adds even more complexity), and configure your clients to know how to find it, or you need to use the public IP addresses (which default to the FlatNetwork, which is routable within a home LAN by simply adding a route to to your wifi interface). Adding to confusion, some wifi routers fail to forward avahi messages, which is a) terrible and b) breaks the only obvious way of doing no-config local DNS :( . So, I did some yak shaving this morning. Turns out other folk have already run into this and filed a Juju bug and a supporting txaws bug. The txaws bug was fixed, but just missed the release of Precise. Clint Byrum is going to SRU it this week though, so we ll have it soon. I ve put a patch up to address the Juju side, which is now pending review. Running the two together works very happily for me. \o/

15 April 2012

Gregor Herrmann: RC bugs 2012/15

another weekend, another RCBW report:

13 February 2011

Norbert Tretkowski: MySQL source tree available in Debian as binary package

MySQL supports a plugin interface since 5.1, which enables creation of server components. Plugins can be loaded at server startup, or loaded and unloaded at runtime without restarting the server. Most of these plugins require the full MySQL source tree during their build, which was not available in Debian as a binary package until I uploaded 5.1.54-2 to unstable last week. I had this item on my TODO list since MySQL 5.1 was uploaded to Debian unstable, because it is not possible for a Debian source package to build-depend on another source package. Thankfully, Clint Byrum from Ubuntu sent me a small patch which added the new binary package.

The first package making use of the new mysql-source-5.1 package is HandlerSocket, a NoSQL plugin for MySQL. It is currently waiting in Debian's NEW queue for approval, and I am sure we will see more plugins/packages (XtraBackup from Percona is another well known candidate) making use of the new binary package in Debian soon.

12 February 2011

Norbert Tretkowski: MySQL 5.5 and Debian

Since MySQL 5.5 was declared stable in December last year, I regulary receive e-mails from people asking when it will get uploaded to Debian. The good thing is that the initial conversion from automake to cmake has already been done by Clint Byrum from Ubuntu, and we are going to use his work as a basis for our packages. The not so good thing is bug #59078, an issue in libmysqlclient which breaks ABI compatibility. According to Lenz Grimmer from Oracle the MySQL upstream developers are already looking at it.

I am still not sure if it is a good idea to upload MySQL 5.5 in the current state to experimental, but I am definitely not going to upload it to unstable until this issue is fixed.