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26 July 2012

Charles Plessy: Adopted mime-support.

With L szl B sz rm nyi we adopted mime-support, which was maintained since September 1996 by Brian White. It is the first package of standard priority that I take care of. It gives me the same feeling as when side wheels were removed from my bicycle, a long, long time ago. We transferred the source package on Alioth, and uploaded a first update allowing the extraction of information for the mailcap file directly from Desktop files. I think that the next two works will be to resolve the bug about the handling of PHP files, and to update the mime.types base, if possible in synergy with Fedora or other distributions.

23 April 2010

Jonathan McDowell: Out, damn'd PGP v3

Nearly a year ago people starting worrying about the complexity of SHA-1 being reduced and the potential availability of viable attacks against things such as PGP keys that used SHA-1. Many people (myself included) generated a new key, or updated preferences on keys that were otherwise strong enough. There were worries about what this might mean for Debian. We were getting ahead of ourselves a bit though. Firstly there haven't been any public viable attacks that I'm aware of (though of course this doesn't mean we shouldn't continue to migrate away), but secondly there's a much easier method of attack. PGP v3 keys. To quote RFC4880:

V3 keys are deprecated. They contain three weaknesses. First, it is relatively easy to construct a V3 key that has the same Key ID as any other key because the Key ID is simply the low 64 bits of the public modulus. Secondly, because the fingerprint of a V3 key hashes the key material, but not its length, there is an increased opportunity for fingerprint collisions. Third, there are weaknesses in the MD5 hash algorithm that make developers prefer other algorithms. See below for a fuller discussion of Key IDs and fingerprints.
At the time of writing Debian has 21 remaining v3 keys. This is a significant improvement over a year ago, when we had 200, but it's still 21 more than I'd like. I've been chasing people since last May (starting with those who had v3 + v4 keys, all of whom now only have a v4 key) and we're down to the stragglers. So it's time to name and shame, in the hope of kicking them into action. The following keys are what's left (doesn't match the currently active keyring because we've had a few replacements since the last promote):

0x0D2156BD3D97C149 Michael Stone <mstone>
0x225FD911CD269B31 Carlos Barros <cbf>
0x31E73F14E298966D James R. Van Zandt <jrv>
0x366CD3FEEBC11B01 Chris Waters <xtifr>
0x37A73FE355E8BC4D Frederic Lepied <lepied>
0x3E973117DCC528E9 Ardo van Rangelrooij <ardo>
0x5C7A46637953F711 Rich Sahlender <rsahlen>
0x5D6560F85F30F005 Craig Brozefsky <craig>
0x6B0E322836129171 Jim Westveer <jwest>
0x723724B4A5B6DD31 Christian Meder <meder>
0x7629B22ED71DAABD Adrian Bridgett <bridgett>
0x8FFC405EFD5A67CD Adam Di Carlo <aph>
0xB0D269DE17F3D4D1 Matthew Vernon <matthew>
0xBC151FC8D2A913A1 Peter S Galbraith <psg>
0xC1A0A171C2DCD3B1 Jim Mintha <jmintha>
0xC3168EBA23F5ADDB Ian Jackson <iwj>
0xCE951B1160D74C7D Patrick Cole <ltd>
0xE82A8B0D57137FE5 Paul Seelig <pseelig>
0xF20E242CE77AC835 Brian White <bcwhite>
0xFBAA570C3087194D Alan Bain <afrb2>
0xFFD1B4AC7C19FD19 David Engel <david>

Of these keys only 2 voted in the recent DPL election. 8 have failed to make any response to my mails (3 since last August). Only 9 have uploaded a package since August 2008. And 10 were already known to the MIA database. Some of them have stated they'll sort out a new key, but not yet done so.

If you are one of these people, please either get a new key sorted and signed and reply to the mails I've sent you, or reply and say you no longer wish to be involved in Debian. And if you know any of these people, encourage them to get a new key sorted and offer to sign it for them.

27 January 2006

Clint Adams: For those who notice that this is not my food blog: yes, this is not my food blog.

Marinated Nantucket bay scallops with Osetra caviar, lemon, chives and extra virgin olive oil

2003 Soave Classico, Leonildo Peropan, Veneto, Italia PROSCIUTTO LA QUERCIA CON BURRATA E PUREA DI DATTERI
Cured Berkshire pork with burrata cheese, date puree and wild arugula

2003 Chardonnay, Viberti, Piemonte, Italia ARAGOSTA E PAGLIOLAIA CON PUREA DI FAGIOLI
Braised lobster and crisp dewlap with Umbrian white bean puree and spiced vinegar syrup

2004 Saint George-Moschofilero Rose, "Zo !," Domaine Skouras, Argos, Greece CANNELONI DI FAGIANO CON CASTAGNE
Handcrafted pasta filled with braised pheasant with Parmigiano Reggiano and toasted chestnuts.

2004 Charbono Villa Andrianan-Napa Valley, Summers Winery, Calistoga, California TAGLIATA DI MANZO CON FEGATO ALLA GRIGLIA E BALSAMICO INVECCHIATO
Wood grilled prime strip steak with grilled calves liver, slow cooked cippolini onions, trumpet royale mushrooms and 50 year old balsamic vinegar

1999 Barolo, Vietti, Castiglione Falletto, Piemonte, Italia SELEZIONE DI FORMAGGI
A selection of fine cheeses

10 Year Verdelho Madeira, Henriques & Henriques, Portugal CREMA TIEPIDA DI CIOCCOLATO E CAFFE
Warm chocolate espresso cup with whipped cream and raisin pasticcini

2004 Dolce Stilnovo Rosso, Cantina Aurora, Piemonte, Italia