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21 May 2007

Arnaud Vandyck: Inside the Digital Dump

Technology drives the forces of globalization. But when we replace our computers and flat-screens with the newest in high-tech cool, what happens to the hardware we throw away? Read the article at Foreign Policy

11 May 2007

Arnaud Vandyck: libjarjar-java_1.0~rc3.dfsg.1-1 in the new queue

but if you can't wait, you can add my people.d.o repo.
  • #418678 ITP: trove4j -- high performance collections for java objects and primitive type
  • #418579 ITP: aspectwerkz -- AOP framework for Jav
  • #386101 ITP: cglib -- code generation library for Java
  • #419363 ITP: xmlcommons-external -- stable version of XMI-related externally-defined standards-based code
  • #417888 batik: new upstream version
  • #419761 libstruts1.2-java: newer upstream versions available
  • Also, while building jarjar, I submitted some patches to fix warnings (but I don't see my mail on the list archive at the moment). read more

    10 May 2007

    Arnaud Vandyck: fop 0.93 in Debian

    I've uploaded fop 0.93 in Debian. As it's a new upstream, it'd take some time (or could be rejected if I messed up!). In the mean time, you can add these lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

    deb ./
    deb-src ./

    With these lines, you'll be able to get libxmlgraphics-commons-java (which is needed by fop). This is a new lib so it's not yet in the archive, that's why you could have problems to install fop at the moment: #423196. read more

    Arnaud Vandyck: Some Debian work...

  • libjazzy-java_0.5.1a-3
  • qdox_1.6.1-1
  • libxmlgraphics-commons-java_1.1.dfsg.1-1
  • jrexx_1.1.1-1
  • c3p0_0.9.1.1.dfsg.1-1
  • xmlgraphics-commons_1.1.dfsg.2-1 (move to contrib because it needs jpeg codecs from sun.* classes) (waiting for FTP-masters)
  • libcommons-lang-java_2.3-1
  • javassist_3.4.dfsg.1-1 (re-upload because I messed debian/copyright... sorry ftp-masters)
  • 13 April 2007

    Arnaud Vandyck: libhibernate-java Take 4, fop and other updates

    • New packages
  • qdox_1.6.1-1 (#323043 and #418673)
  • xmlgraphics-commons (#418896)
    • New upstreams
  • commons-io: #418973, #397567
    • Bug fixes
  • libgef-java: #418865
  • read more

    7 April 2007

    Arnaud Vandyck: Menuiserie!

    Je ne sais pas pourquoi mais hier soir j'ai dessin une chaise! Je n'ai absolument pas une formation de menuisier mais j'ai essay ... J'ai commenc par des proportions pour un enfant, pour Adrien, mon fieul, et neveu. Appelez-moi Monsieur Zig-Zag! Les images sont dans la suite de l'article (et en attachement). Sur la chaise, il y a la maquette en carton. read more

    4 April 2007

    Arnaud Vandyck: libhibernate-java Take 2

    As I already wrote (it was the take 1), I'm working on packaging Hibernate (then Spring, then Jboss, then Jonas but dont' tell, it's the secret plan!). The first step has been done, #386100 (ITP: c3p0) is pending. I uploaded it to experimental because it needed a method in that is only in gcj experimental. The next step is to package cglib (#386101). I discover cglib embed asm in its jar and change the package name of the classes. The tool used to do that is called jarjar from Tonic Systems. So I have to package it first (#417591). I'm not sure it's a very good idea and I started a discussion in the cglib forum... and one of the developers already answered... FLOSS is too cool ;-). I'll try to see if it's possible to package both jars (one with asm, the other one without it). read more

    29 March 2007

    Arnaud Vandyck: jboss-hibernate in Debian

    Today, I first fix debian/copyright file in libjazzy-java as it was rejected by ftp-masters. Then, I started to work on packaging jboss-hibernate in Debian. Marcus Better already filed some ITP's and I'm using them, change the owner when I'm ready to work on a package and upload it. #385569: ITP: jboss-hibernate -- object/relational persistence service for Java The good thing with the way Marcus worked is he filed ITP's and then send 'block' instructions to BTS, so it's easy to see what should be packaged first:

    28 March 2007

    Arnaud Vandyck: Original FLOSS first contact

    KU group gives gift and lesson on alternatives (article). Instead of giving GNU/Linux cd's, they gave cd's with FLOSS to run on Windows. That's pretty cool to let people know that FLOSS is not just GNU/Linux.

    7 March 2007

    Arnaud Vandyck: Formation d veloppeur web sous Linux Li ge

    La prochaine formation Web Component Developer sous Linux pour demandeurs d'emploi (gratuite) aura lieu partir du 2 mai 2007 place Delcour Li ge ( preuves de s lection le 27 mars 2007 9h): Plus d'info sur le site officiel: Ou sur le site

    27 February 2007

    Arnaud Vandyck: Fosdem 2007

    Organisation Like last year, I did not help Pascal to manage the devrooms. I'd like to be more helpfull so as a lot of people I made a little donation and get a FOSDEM2007 t-shirt. The event was even better than last year (even if I think it's also cool last year except the wifi was not working last year). This is the first time since 2004 that I don't meet Wouter! I hope we'll meet next Debian or FOSDEM meeting. Women Is it me or are there more and more women involved in open source? This is one of the great news form this year. read more

    21 February 2007

    Arnaud Vandyck: Le Grand Content

    I did not check the status of free flash under GNU/Linux PPC so sometimes, I reboot on iBSD (I meant MacOSX) and spend some time on Youtube. I saw this wonderful video from Le Grand Content (it's in English). Update: The website of the author with more open movies:

    24 January 2007

    Arnaud Vandyck: IBM to release Java6 (early release)

    Sun is now going Open Source for their JDK and that's a very good thing. A lot of people participate in this and I enjoyed when Mark and Dalibor called me to share the news. I thank every people who worked on open sourcing Java but it's not the point here. The first thing that makes me not so happy was that Sun has no plan for PowerPC (and I can understand, Apple does not use it no more and it's an IBM product!). The second thing is IBM not announcing their SDK to be open source. IBM also does a lot of things in FLOOS, in Java, IBM is behind projects like Eclipse or Harmony. But there is nothing for Linux on PowerPC at Harmony: platforms; downloads. read more

    16 January 2007

    Arnaud Vandyck: Database Reverted

    I've reverted an old backup of my drupal's database so I should be able to blog again.

    3 August 2006

    Arnaud Vandyck: Debian packages upload

    Yesterday, I uploaded libcommons-collection3-java to add the testframework jar (bug#268223). I investigate the security alert for tomcat5 (CVE2006-3835) as mentioned by Alec Berryman in bug#380361. Alec also filed this bug for tomcat5.5 but I was not able to reproduce the attack with the releases of tomcat in Debian. I filed a removal bug for libgnujaxp-java (bug#381014) which is in GNU-Classpath for a long time now. I uploaded a new upstream of libapache(2)-mod-jk (bug#338158). Today, I uploaded libmsv-xsdlib-java (the package was prepared by Eric Lavarde, but it was refused by ftpmasters because of the license) to non-free and solved the FTBFS of libjaxp1.3-java reported by Andreas Jochens (bug#379530). Except the security alert I closed because I think they were not affected releases of tomcat in Debian, I did not investigate more bugs of tomcat. But I’ll need it for my day-time and extra jobs so I hope I’ll be working on it after augustus 15. Update: I’m trying to fix argouml in Debian and that’s a huge job (well, the whole afternoon!)!
    1. Update libtoolbar-java (new upstream + comment issue#6);
    2. Update libswidgets-java (new upstream + comment issue#1);
    3. Downgrade libgef-java to match ArgoUML development;
    4. Update ArgoUML from 0.19.6 to 0.22.beta3 (new upstream + open issue#4391 and issue#4392). The main developer of ArgoUML said in the mailing list that this release will not be that much different to the final release and the new upstream upload (plus some corrections in the package) will permit to close some bugs: bug#342200, bug#217878, bug#335294, bug#353464, bug#368244, bug#289241.
    Even with all this work, argouml does not want to start on my laptop. It’s a problem loading the ‘models’. I suspect a problem with the new mdr-model that I do not build because of dependencies not documented and not DFSG free. So I uploaded every package except argouml. I updated the subversion repository so the work is not lost and I’ll review the problem as soon as possible. You can find a copy of the generated package at my Debian’s webspace (click on the argouml directory).

    1 August 2006

    Arnaud Vandyck: New upstreams

    I’ve just upload new upstream (new for Debian, not really brand new! ;-) ) of libgnucrypto-java, libcommons-httpclient-java. The first upload will solve the libjessie-java FTBFS. I’ll work on new upstream of libcommons-net-java, then, I’ll track down Tomcat5 and Tomcat5.5 bugs.

    20 July 2006

    Arnaud Vandyck: Everybody wants to open source

    It’s strange to follow state of minds of big companies about open source (they rarely speak about Free Software but that’s another story;-)). Dalibor Topic, Mark Wielaard and all friends from GNU Classpath spent a lot of time talking with Sun to try to open source Java (or even just be able to get the tools to make open source java virtual machines and API). They are some moves in that direction and people like Tom Marble is working hard to make Sun’s JDK license DFSG compatible and integrate Sun’s JDK in the Debian distribution. Robert Brewin, co-CTO of Sun Microsystems’ software group, said: “I believe that we will have components of Java released into open source within the year,” meaning by next June, Brewin said. “I think [release of] the whole thing will take a little bit longer.” One more step. Another amazing interview is the one of David Kaefer, director of Business Development, Intellectual Property and Licensing at Microsoft who called the open source software movement a “very powerful force in the industry.” He also wants us to believe that Microsoft will be more and more open… Wait and See ;-)

    Arnaud Vandyck: Free Software in education

    On July 10 my trainees started a project on Sourceforge called bibliotheque. The training is about web development (Java, Perl, Python, Javascript, SQL) and the whole six month day time courses, they use Debian GNU/Linux (guess why ;-) ) (well, some installed Ubuntu on their laptop). The last big exercice is often a pain because they are looking for a job and they have a lot of interviews. So we decided the last project to be team oriented. I have the idea to publish it on Sourceforge so they can learn all how to use Bug tracker, Subversion tools the way we do in Free Software. Also, it’s amazing to see the enthousiasme of the trainees about a project that is published. Even those who are not ’so good coders’ did a lot of things like documentation, logos, maintaining the MediaWiki website (french). The web application they are doing is made with tools they’ll use in companies: Struts, Hibernate; they also use patterns like DAO, MVC; and they’ll try to integrate AJAX in the application. Congratulation to this group.

    22 May 2006

    Arnaud Vandyck: DevJam Oldenburg report

    I finaly sent the report ;-) of course I forgot some details but you can found them on a mail from Mark

    Arnaud Vandyck: Escaping the Java Trap, roadmap

    Mark Wielaard posted this yesterday: Escaping the Java Trap
    A practical road map to the Free Software and Open Source alternatives
    For the last couple of years the community has been working to
    ensure that developers can create applications using the java
    programming language without having to depend on proprietary
    software. Today, the free (as in libre) implementations are
    already very capable and support a vast amount of functionality
    that developers expect from a java-like environment. Important
    large applications like JOnAS, 2, Eclipse 3 and
    Tomcat 5 are known to work. This document provides a road map of
    the various projects; how they work together, where they are,
    where they’re going, and how we make sure that they work well
    and are compatible. Thanks Mark, very useful informations.