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29 January 2009

Arnaud Cornet: Geek cuteness

The mum of a friend of mine cooked this. Understand I don t have any other choice but to share to the world.


2 October 2008

Arnaud Cornet: Realtek's 8187se driver

Here is a module-assistant friendly source package for realtek’s driver for 8187SE boards found in MSI U100 at least. It’s pretty much as ugly as what you would get in a binary only driver, but it’s GPL and it works. Recipe:
sudo dpkg -i rtl8187se-source_1016.0716.2008_all.deb
sudo m-a a-i rtl8187se
It’s a copyright mess, and the package still needs work. Btw, hello planet.

21 March 2007

Paul van Tilburg: Technical Stuff

Hobix There were some issues concerning Hobix and the new Ruby (1.8.6) that entered Sid recently. I’ve solved the problem, as you can see, and uploaded a Subversion snapshot package to experimental. Update: It seems that hobix 0.5~svn20070319-1 accidently was uploaded without share data. This was spotted and fixed by Arnaud, thanks! A new version (0.5~svn20070319-2) is on its way to experimental! Ruby D-Bus A few weeks ago I wrote to Arnaud Cornet about the fact that it is quite amazing that there is no up-to-date implementation of D-Bus for Ruby at all after such a long time. This resulted a few days ago in our Ruby D-Bus project. Some stuff is working already, quite low-level still, but really nice. I’m looking forward to designing the high-level API. I found out that other people had the same thoughts as us and also started to work on an implementations on their own without telling anyone. So, it seems there are three implementions now (as far as I know) that all have specific features working. I hope we can merge everything into one project. We’ll see what happens… OpenID I have taken some interest into OpenID, having to register some accounts on arbitrary forums. I ran into the fact that Rails recently got OpenID support and that support for phpBB is coming up, which is nice. Finally it could be over with all the logins and all the password. At the moment I haven’t found a statisfactory identity provider yet, so I started working on my own service. Ruby OpenID has an example server implementation which I am working on to become FLOIDS: the Free Luon OpenID Service. Koditoj Recently, I inventoried all the programs I authored or co-authored in the past 8 years. There is some stuff in there that maybe deserves a second life or at least some description. So, in a series of posts that I’ll call ‘Koditoj’ (free translatable from Esperanto to ‘things that have been coded’) I want to go over all these programs and libraries and give them some attention. More to come soon…