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4 September 2006

Margarita Manterola: RC bug-squashing second-week

So, last week was a bit bumpy since I was sick for a couple of days, and then had a power outage on Friday and Saturday, thus not being able to keep up with my daily RC bug fixing, but I've been catching up since then. I've uploaded patches done by Arjan Oosting, for packages that wouldn't compile with autoconf2.6: #379812 (kde-style-polyester), #379813 (kxmleditor) and #379815 (klog).

I uploaded a patch by Mart n Ferrari for lilo: #374477 (use MAKEDEV instead of mknod at postinst), and another patch by Mart n for courier-authlib #378571 (fixing the permissions of /var/run/courier/authdaemon).

I uploaded a patch by Andreas Jochens for ntlmaps: #379700 (fixing the build-dependency). A patch by Luca Bruno for predict: #379495 (fixing a change of location of forms.h). And a patch by Mike O'Connor for stardict: #379152 (fixing a misuse of size_t that made it fail in 64bit architectures).
Stardict had a problem with rpath that made me get to know the LIBTOOL_IS_A_FOOL hack, and I had to apply that, so that the binaries were not screwed up.

I also uploaded a fixed version of yacas, that included patches from Arjan Oosting (fixing #379261 and #379895) and Braun Gabor (fixing non-RC #295413). However, it's not like the only thing I've done is upload patches done by others. I've also done some patches myself: The amount of bugs currently affecting the next release is 247. It's not a secret that we are a bit behind the schedule (we should be at less than 200 bugs by now). But it's also totally possible to get back on track if we work together on fixing the current bugs and we stop uploading unneeded new releases that trigger new transitions.