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29 July 2008

Holger Levsen: Update on

Since at least two months I wanted to write this blog post, as I have realised that I can't give the love it needs. But I have even been to busy to write this Request For Help... :-(

Since September 2007 three community planets (english, italian and german) exists and are used and (since a bit longer) there is a wiki, a mailinglist and an IRC channel (#debian-community on OFTC) and a server running this.

And then it got stalled, yet two out of three DPL candidates mentioned during the DPL IRC debate, believing it was alive and kicking. (Or at least not stalled as it was at that time.) The planets are alive, but that's it. Or rather that was it, there has been some activity recently! :-)

Last week, Andreas Putzo approached me and told me he wanted to spend some of his holidays to work on the long proposed email and jabber services. And by now he already did so! Yay.

Still, please consider this request for help (or invitation ;) still to be valid. For example, mail+jabber work now, but there is no documentation on our wiki...

There are many ways you can help, the best is to take initiative. If you want to, please join the IRC channel or send a mail to the list. I'll still hang around, but probably not much more. I certainly don't plan to stand in the way, rather the opposite. And of course, should you attend DebConf8, I'd also love to talk to you :-)

So much for now, now I'll continue with other pre-Argentina todo entries :-)

Hah. Forgot one link: if you haven't seen it yet, please take a 30 sec. look at Very well done. I'd like to see to become a bit like that :-)

7 November 2007

Roland Mas: Planet scores

Top posters in a few Debian-related Planets:
Planet Debian-FR :
     19 Rapha l Hertzog
      4 Roland Mas
      3 Jean-Christophe Dubacq
      2 Gr gory Colpart
      2 Alexis Sukrieh
Sometimes I think this should be renamed Planet Buxy.
Planet Debian-FR (utilisateurs) :
     10 Julien Candelier
      8 Emilien Macchi
      4 Guilhem Bonnefille
      3 Shams Fantar
      1 Rapha l Hertzog
      1 Olivier Berger (perso)
      1 Jean-Christophe Dubacq
      1 Jean-Baptiste H tier (djib)
      1 Eric Veiras Galisson
Newly added contributors to that planet have all their recent articles aggregated, not only the ones they wrote since they were added.
Planet Debian :
     40 Christian Perrier
      2 Russell Coker
      2 Raphael Geissert
      1 Wouter Verhelst
      1 Steve Kemp
      1 Romain Francoise
      1 NOKUBI Takatsugu
      1 Michal  iha 
      1 John Goerzen
      1 Joey Schulze
      1 Gerfried Fuchs
      1 Fathi Boudra
      1 Enrico Zini
      1 Emanuele Rocca
      1 Dirk Eddelbuettel
      1 David Welton
      1 Christine Spang
      1 Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho
      1 Adam Rosi-Kessel
Planet "Christian loves rugby". :
      4 Holger Levsen
      3 Andrew Donnellan
      2 Evgeni Golov
      1 Wolfgang Lonien
      1 Rapha l Hertzog
      1 Martin Albisetti
      1 Marcos Marado
      1 Jean-Christophe Dubacq
      1 Cord Beermann
      1 Benjamin A'Lee
      1 Andreas Putzo
I know I have an encoding problem on some planets, but that script is a very basic curl+shell+sed+grep+recode+sort+uniq pipeline, and I only use it for the amusement value. Maybe I'll recode it with a proper RSS parser some day if I feel utterly bored.