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28 December 2010

Alexander Sack: ntrack 011 heading for experimental

ntrack 011 heading for experimental: I added a ntrack-libnl binary package, for the libnl backend so it s in NEW queue for now.

26 July 2008

Philipp Kern: Stable Point Release: Etch 4.0r4 (aka etchnhalf)

Another point release for Etch has been done; now it's the time for the CD team to roll out new images after the next mirror pulse. The official announcements (prepared by Alexander Reichle-Schmehl, thanks!) will follow shortly afterwards. FTP master of the day was Joerg Jaspert, who did his first point release since Woody, as he told us on IRC. We appreciate your work and you spending your time that shortly before going to Argentina. This point release includes the etchnhalf update introducing a new kernel image (based on 2.6.24) and some driver updates. Additionally the infamous openssl hole will be fixed for good, even for new installs. Again I want to present you a list of people who contributed to this release. It cannot be complete as I got the information out of the Changed-by fields of the uploads. From the Release Team we had dann frazier (who drove the important kernel part of etchnhalf), Luk Claes, Neil McGovern, Andreas Barth, Martin Zobel-Helas and me working on it. ;-)

4 February 2008

Alexander Sack: mozilla/firefox (RC3) security backports to 1.8.0 branch

... finally I got my blog up again and I start with yet another lame post :-) My latest security backports to the upstream abandoned mozilla 1.8.0 branch are now available at Those patches should cover all security related fixes that landed on the 1.8 branch (firefox 2) as of RC3. I noticed that I didn’t really release any of the post-mortem security patches released in debian and ubuntu. So, here the patchsets for the 1.8.0 branch that contains them all: Those tarballs ship quilt patch directories. This means that the sequence to apply them cleanly can be found in the contained series file. To apply them to MOZILLA_1_8_0_BRANCH checkout, just copy the directory contained to your checkout (name the directory patches if you like) and run
quilt push -a
Have fun!

20 October 2007

Andrea Veri: BehindMOTU: My interview

Original post can be found here. Interview: Today we are interviewing Andrea Veri, fresh MOTU and eager Ubuntu volunteer. Age: 18
Location: Udine, Italy
IRC Nick: bluekuja How long have you used Linux and what was your first distro?
I started using Linux at the end of 2005 using Red Hat and Fedora distros, contributing on writing several pages for Fedora documentation (mostly server docs) but mainly working on some packaging-related activities (introducing ctorrent, gtorrent-viewer and v2strip packages inside Fedora) for more than 3 months until the beginning of March 2006 when I decided to move definitely to Ubuntu after discovering it at a friend s party. Was love at first sight that made me leaving every Fedora plan and project creating my first personal wiki page on some days later. How long have you been using Ubuntu?
In fact, I started using Ubuntu at the beginning of 2006, firstly getting involved inside the Edubuntu family making real the possibility to have an Edubuntu Italian support and website area inside the current Italian LoCo Team. When did you get involved with the MOTU team and how?
Right after joining the Ubuntu brigade I started checking out MOTU documentation, mainly packaging guide plus debian new maintainer s guide, trying to understand every single new word and applying directly to a source package every lesson learned during developer s world travel . After getting introduced and fascinated from an active community, I had to left the project for a while for some small problems, restarting everything on May 2007 with my first sponsored upload inside the archive. My packaging passion increased right after meeting Alexander Sack inside #ubuntu-mozillateam irc channel some days later, deciding to work directly with him as my mentor for both Debian and Ubuntu distributions. What helped you learning packaging and learning how the Ubuntu teams work?
I started with Debian New Maintainer s guide and Ubuntu s packaging guide moving then to package my first applications learning from already-packaged software and asking if needed to Alexander improving and learning every time from him or from other developers a new Ubuntu Team lesson. Favorite part of working with MOTU?
Introducing a fix making tons of users happy is one of the best things I appreciate of being a MOTU. Mentoring, sponsoring, helping out new contributors or students is something special as well. Any advice for people wanting to help with MOTU?
I always suggest to start with a package a new contributor cares about personally, that s useful to improve/fix the package itself during its maintenance.
Reading MOTU and Debian documentation is a great starting point as well to avoid any strange question on our MOTU irc channel. What packages/areas of Universe are you most interested in?
I m currently working on a vast area of packages, but I ll try to focus on p2p (Peer-2-Peer) applications both for Universe and Main. I planned to create a MOTU-p2p team really soon including it inside the existing motu-torrent team, but it will take some months to organize everything up; contributors (testers/packagers) are currently missing. Any Plans for Hardy Heron?
I ll keep working on a large number of packages but as I said before I would like to focus on having an updated situation of p2p applications, introducing libtorrent-rasterbar and its related clients like btg or linkage. Creating a working team with interested contributors and developers will be the first step to work on. Favorite quote?
As for me, all I know is that I know nothing. Socrates
What do you do in your other spare time?
I love going around with my motorbike, listening good music, playing basketball and meeting up with friends around the city centre. Pic of you, your work area, and/or your screen?

29 July 2007

Alexander Sack: after rush ... iceowl screenshots

Well, I am impressed. Iceowl slipped through NEW in just a few hours. Many thanks to our ftp-masters … well done! Two screenshots Iceowl and its Icedove extension:
Iceowl – Standalone Calendar
Iceowl Calendar Extension for Icedove

Alexander Sack: ITPs pending upload: iceowl + iceowl-extension (aka sunbird+lightning)

tags 388218 + pending
tags 270533 + pending
thanks Ladies and Gentleman, I am finally happy to mark this pending … upload should go to sid
today. iceowl is the unbranded sunbird standalone application. lightning, the sunbird based thunderbird extension will be called
iceowl-extension … and will be usable in icedove + thunderbird. I will announce on debian planet once those are uploaded. Have fun, – Alexander

15 February 2007

Christian Perrier: fr: 99.990%, cs: 93.486%, de: 81.768%, sv: 79.795%, vi: 78.098%

Still one string left. I just sent a notice to the maintainer of atokx2 that I will very certainly NMU his package to fix Czech and French as he indeed didn't respect a deadline set during the last call for translation updates. So, no, I won't be ashamed to NMU for very recent bugs..:) Two NMUs today (php-memcache with Pierre Habouzit agreement, and nessus-plugins without Javier's agreement) and one yesterday (cnews, without news from Blars). One package is under heavy work, namely icedove, in cooperation with its maintainer, Alexander Sack. the templates have been rewritten and a call for updates AND new translations has been posted. In one week time, we got something like 13 bug reports for updates..:) I'm now reaching packages with pretty recent l10n bug reports on the NMU status page. So, quite often, the maintainers just do the uploads themselves.

7 February 2007

Christian Perrier: fr: 99.817%, cs: 92.667%

These are the current translation ratios for French and Czech in unstable, after 20 days of "blitz l10n NMU". No blog entry yesterday, sorry for those of you who like the "bubulle fights the dragon" adventures. I was travelling from Paris to Badajoz/Spain for the Free Software World Conference. Frans Pop, Wookey, Martin Michlmayr, Knut Yrvin and I will give a common talk about the results of the "Extremadura work sessions" funded by the regional government of Extremadura last year. My net connection will be jerky as we have a very good connection at the conference site, but nothing at the hotel (except a ridiculously expensive Telefonia wireless, which can't even be circumvented with IP-over-DNS). viewvc is to be uploaded by ender very soon. No news for dpkg-cross. A NMU is pretty likely now. I just uploaded a few more NMU's today as I got network again:

10 January 2007

Alexander Sack: firefox security build

mozilla-firefox 1.0.4-2sarge13 based on the backport patches I announced yesterday is now available too. You can get it from my security preview archive.

9 January 2007

Alexander Sack: mozilla and thunderbird security patches and packages

... are available for testing. firefox will be available soon. use my security preview archive to help testing this release: For reference: The raw patches are

18 December 2006

Alexander Sack: a new face for Icedove

Thanks to Ricardo Fernandez we have a great new and consistent artwork for our ice-lizard applications. For icedove they will land with the next upload … so here some screens.
icedove about box
icedove credits dialog with new motto: “Icedoves are Free!”

8 December 2006

Alexander Sack: noteworthy things from the firefox & linux front

mconnor (Mozilla Corp) and caillon (Red Hat) give hope that mozillas attitude finally starts to change (in the right direction): That’s all good news, but even better … “Red Hat and Novell are both going to commit some effort into maintaining the Firefox 1.5.0.x line past the current EOL date this spring” ... thank $GOD for that ;-)

15 November 2006

Alexander Sack: mozilla security updates available for testing

Thanks to Mike Hommey we have another set of security updates for
our mozilla apps in sarge. The versions are: mozilla-firefox 1.0.4-2sarge13
mozilla-thunderbird 1.0.2-2.sarge1.0.8d.1
mozilla 1.7.8-1sarge8 Please use my security archive to get the preview packages and
test them as extensively as possible. If you encounter any NEW problems, please let us know at Thanks for your support.

10 October 2006

Alexander Sack: IceLizard application names

It might be obvious for most that follow recent discussions, but here are the names of our IceLizard applications, as we will probably ship in etch: Now we need some artwork … there is a great draft site in ubuntu wiki that looks quite promising: Of course, no guarantees :-)

30 September 2006

Alexander Sack: freeing mozillas - thunderbird rename - iceweasel upstream

As I red the post of MJ Ray on planet, I contacted the gnuzilla project and offered to join them in order to make them a good upstream for distributors that cannot obey the new mozilla trademark policy. My current preference is to use snoweagle for thunderbird. IMO it would be a good choice, as it would be in the same spirit as iceweasel for firefox. Anyway, more ideas are welcome …

28 September 2006

Alexander Sack: mozilla-firefox security update preview

As promissed I made available a preview package for the next mozilla-firefox security update. The version of this prospective package is: 1.0.4-2sarge12. If you have a sarge desktop install at hand and want to help, just add my security apt sources from and upgrade/install mozilla-firefox. Please test and send NEW bugs to me ( or to Thanks!

26 September 2006

Alexander Sack: mozilla-thunderbird / mozilla security updates available for preview

I uploaded another round of security updates for mozilla and mozilla-thunderbird to my security preview archive. The preview build for firefox will be made available from the same location in a day or two. The versions of concern here are:
mozilla 2:1.7.8-1sarge7.3.1
mozilla-thunderbird 1.0.2-2.sarge1.0.8c.1
If you see any NEW bugs, let me know. Thanks

2 September 2006

Mike Hommey: Firefox 2.0b2 in experimental

Yesterday, I uploaded Firefox 2.0b2 in experimental. Please give it a try and checkout if some of the bugs in firefox are fixed by this new release. Same kind of help welcome with the version in unstable. When the bug count is more than 200, it gets painful to do bug triage, so any help on that matter will be very much appreciated by Eric and I. In other news, work has started on seamonkey. Unfortunately, I’ll be away for a little while, so I’ll have to leave quite an amount of the work to Alexander Sack, but I’m pretty sure he’ll be able to handle it. Anyways, we hope to be able to work out a full featured package for etch so that people using mozilla on sarge will get a correct upgrade path. I also uploaded yesterday a new xulrunner release that (finally) provides some of the NSS tools, so that administrators can handle keys/certificates databases for mozilla products. It is still in NEW, but should reach unstable soonish (let’s just hope the ftp-masters won’t reject the new package).

13 August 2006

Alexander Sack: thunderbird + reply-to-list ... here it comes

Yesterday, I uploaded a first thunderbird build. It fixes – as you might know – several security issues, applies several patches … so nothing unusual. However, there is one interesting and maybe useful change: a patch which provides the core feature needed to make a reply-to-list extension possible in thunderbird. I often red complains that thunderbird has no reply-to-list feature. Thus, I decided to ship this patch for etch. In general, I don’t add features upstream has not yet included. But this one looks important enough for me to not remember my own rules :-). In order to make use of this feature, do this:
  1. Install enigmail or mnenhy extension. I would suggest enigmail which is in the debian archive (aptitude install enigmail)
  2. Install the Reply-To-List Extension from this address.
  3. Press Ctrl+I (yes, Ctrl-L is already in use, sorry) in order to reply to list.
  4. or add the Reply-To-List button to your toolbar and press that one.

Ah, here a screenshot,
Reply To List Button and Key-Binding in Debian Thunderbird
Anyone disagrees with the decision to ship this in etch?

6 August 2006

Alexander Sack: Please test firefox/thunderbird/mozilla security packages

Hi all, we uploaded preview packages for the next security update of mozilla applications
in debian sarge. This is the second maintenance release after mozilla foundation officially ended
support for the product versions we ship in sarge. The packages are based on the patches I
backported and announced a few days ago [1]. If you are a more or less advanced debian-sarge user (or developer) who wants to contribute and
you are using one of the mozilla apps, then please help by testing
this preview release and provide both, negative and positive feedback to To test this release, please upgrade your favorite mozilla app from the sources given below. The repository that contains the new packages can be found at The applications and versions of concern are: You can either download the .debs manually or add the following to your apt sources.list:
deb ./
If you run into troubles with any of the new packages, chances are high this is due to some
extension that makes use of some corner-case feature. In order to help to track these cases down
you should disable your extensions one by one until you get rid of the problem. If you find the
extension that causes all the troubles, please don’t forget to mention its name and version. Thanks for your support! [1] –!.html