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13 November 2011

Alberto Garc a: Hello Planet Debian!

Hi all! My name is Alberto Garcia and this is my first (well, second) post in Planet Debian. So I ll introduce myself. I m a free software developer and enthusiast from Galicia, Spain. I studied computer science at the Corunha University, where I first heard about GNU/Linux and Debian. After leaving university I co-founded Igalia with a group of friends. We ve been working on lots of different things during all these years, but some projects we ve been particularly involved in include GNOME, Maemo/MeeGo and WebKit. Although I ve been using Debian for more than a decade now (my first -and still running!- installation was in 1997) and I m quite familiar with the distribution, it wasn t until a few years ago that I started maintaining packages officially. Apart from software, my other main hobby is music. When I m not using my computer you ll find me at some concert (preferably small bands: I hate long queues, crowded places and being far from the stage). It s no coincidence that my first Debian package was a player ;) I don t have much more to add. I d like to thank Ana for adding me to the planet, and I m proud to be part of the Debian community!