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16 September 2008

MJ Ray: Web Foundation and While I Was Out

I concentrated on work after my return to the keyboard last week and then spent much of the weekend reroofing a shed, so today was my first day catching up with the news. Here’s what I noticed:-

4 September 2006

Margarita Manterola: RC bugsquashing days 4 and 5

Following the trend, these are the bugs I squashed yesterday and today As the other day, the last bug was actually fixed twice (Bas Zoetekouw also prepared the NMU). The main problem here is that the BTS is being slow, and it's difficult to know that someone else has already fixed a bug.
So I guess that if you are going to join the the "fix one RC bug per day" movement, you'd better join #debian-bugs on oftc, and say which bug you are working on, so that we don't overlap that much.